How to hang your MorningRod

This tutorial will explain how to install your MorningRod curtain rod.

First, be sure you have the following:

  • Pencil
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Cordless drill
  • Bubble level
  • Stud finder

It is CRITICAL that you hang this level. Otherwise, it may not function as intended.

Note: Before getting started, be sure that your curtain rods are the correct size for your window.

Note: Be sure a power outlet is within reach of the plug.

Note: Place your curtains on the rods to make sure they are wide enough


Please watch this overview video to understand the steps that will be involved in hanging the MorningRod.


This is what your rod will look like when complete. 

  1. The center mount will be mounted in the middle of the window.
  2. The end mounts will be mounted on each end.
  3. The rods will be level.


STEP 1 - Attach the center mount

Using a tape measure, find and mark the very center of your window, just above the opening.

We need to find the best height to attach the mount to. If your curtains do not extend to the floor, any height will work. The best location is to place the mount just above the window opening.

If your curtains do extend to the floor (Typically 84" curtains), we need to be sure you do not mount the rod too low. Otherwise, the curtains will drag on the floor.

To find the best height, follow these instructions: 

Place one set of curtains onto the rod. 

Now attach the center wall mount to the rod.

Place the rod and center mount against the wall. Mark the best height. 


Detach the rod from the wall mount.

Place the wall mount on the correct position on the wall so that it is centered with the window and at the correct height.

Using a pencil, mark the location towards the top where the screw will sit, like the two pictures below.



NOTE: If you have a stud finder available, us it to check the location for a stud.

Using the position of the hole, place a screw into the wall.

If the screw does NOT hit a stud and feels loose, use the wall anchor. Drive the wall anchor into the wall, then drive the screw through the anchor.

Do not put the screw completely into the wall. Leave a small space (about 1/4 inch) in order to slide the wall mount onto the screw. 

Slide the wall mount onto the screw, then push the wall mount down so the screw rests in the smaller top hole.


STEP 2 - Attach right wall mount

We will now attach the right side wall mount to the wall and attach the right curtain rod to it.

First, find the right side wall mount. It has an "R" indented into it.

The leveling screw will be used to level the rod once it is attached to the wall. Be sure the screw is placed directly in the center and that equal amount of thread is at the top and equal amount is below.


Next, take the wall mount and place it on the rod near the motor housing. Leave about 1/4 inch of space between the wall mount and motor housing. This is just in case you do no hang it perfectly, there will be room for the motor housing.



Next, attach the rod to the center mount, while holding the motor housing and right wall mount with your hands.



Place a level on the top of the rod and level the rod as best you can.

Using a pencil, place a mark into the top screw hole of the wall mount. This will be the location to place your screw.

Be sure everything is as level as possible. 

Take the rod off the wall, and drill a screw into the location of your mark. 

Do not go too deep and leave room for the wall mount to slide onto it.

NOTE: If a stud is not available, use a wall anchor.

Hang the wall mount

Once attached, be sure the rod is level using your bubble level. If it is not, use the screwdriver to adjust the leveling screw in order to level the rod.

Plug the power adapter into the wall and connect it to the bottom of the buttons.

Attach the USB cable from the buttons to the bottom of the right motor housing


There is a piece of sticky foam on the back of the button housing. Remove the tape on top of the foam and stick the buttons to the wall wherever is easiest to access them and where they will not be seen.


Repeat everything on the other side.

Now it's time to add your curtains.

Click here to learn how.