MorningRod Assembly Instructions

If you purchased the MorningRod Self-3D printed kit, you will need to print your own parts and assemble them.

This guide will show you how to do that. 

Step 1: Print 3D printed parts located on the Thingiverse page.

Depending on the version you are creating, there are two sets of files

Version 1) MorningRod

Version 2) MorningRod 2020

The original MorningRod uses custom made aluminum extrusions. If you purchased these from us, use Version 1.

If you purchased the 2020 Version, which uses off-the-shelf 8020 extrusions, use Version 2.

Printing Parts

The STL files are organized in two ways. One folder contains platters, and the other contains individual pieces. 

The platters are designed in PrusaSlicer and printed on a Prusa MK3S. The platter might be too large to work with your printer. 

This will require you to delete parts from the platter to make it smaller. 

You can also print individual parts as well from the Individual folder.

3D Printer Settings

All parts must be printed with PETG to make them stronger. You can try to use PLA, but it may break so be careful.

Layer height is 0.20mm

Total print time is about 25 hours.


Part Assembly

To assemble the parts, please watch the video below.