VAL-1000 Datasheet


The VAL-1000 is a wireless stepper motor driver. It allows you to control a 1.9A Peak stepper motor over WiFi. It uses the Trinamic TMC2209 to provide ultra-quite operations and StallGuard for rapid stall detection, ensuring your motor never skips a step.


  • Automatic Curtain Opener
  • Automatic Blind Opener
  • Automatic Window Opener
  • Automatic Door Opener
  • Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Motorized Camera Slider
  • Automatic Drawer Opener
  • And so much more


Voltage Requirement: 12V DC MAX

Current Requirement: This depends on your current setting. Please read and understand.

When setting the current, there are two types of current to consider. RMS and Peak. When you set the current in the app or firmware, you are setting the RMS current.

RMS current is Root Mean Square current. This is the average current the motor draws.

Peak current is 1.4x of the RMS current. This is the max current the motor will draw during operation and needs to be considered when picking a power source. 

For example, if setting the current in the firmware to 500mA, your peak will be 700mA. (0.5A x 1.4 = 0.7A)

In addition, as a rule, give the ESP32 500mA of current. It will rarely draw this amount, however. Please read page 19 of the ESP32 datasheet to learn more.

In this case, if you set your TMC2209 current to 500mA, you will need at least a 1.2A power supply (0.7A TMC2209 + 0.5A ESP32 = 1.2A)

Max 1.35A RMS current

1.35A RMS is the maximum current the VAL-1000 can do. This allows for a peak of 1.9A. If you need to set the current to max, it is recommended you use a 12V 3A power supply. 




The VAL-1000 arrives preloaded with our factory firmware to get you started right away. You do not need to program anything, simply download out iOS or Android app and get started right away.

If you do not like this firmware, you are free to modify it or create your own as you see fit. If you decide you want to revert back to the factory firmware, all you need to do is use Arduino and our code on GitHub to flash it back to how it originally is. 

The factory firmware (what is currently loaded on here) can be found on this GitHub Repo. Please follow the instruction in the GitHub page in order to begin using it. 

You may also create your own firmware and app by using this template we have created. It allows you to create a completely custom iOS/Android app and gives you complete control over your device. It uses the Blynk app to control this device. 


The VAL-1000 is preloaded with the firmware used to run the S1 Automatic Curtain Opener. Follow along with the setup instructions for the curtain opener to get started. Click here to be redirected.